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Each Season Membership gets you a ticket to these shows:

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)
A Chris Smith Carol
She Loves Me
your choice of one Friends of Friends performance

Now, we'll select which dates you'd like to reserve for each show.

First up, is The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged), which has performances on these dates:

Friday, Sept 22nd
Saturday, Sept 23rd
Sunday, Sept 24th
Friday, Sept 29th
Saturday, Sept 30th - SOLD OUT
Sunday, Oct 1st
Friday, Oct 6th
Saturday, Oct 7th
Sunday, Oct 8th

Which dates would you prefer? *

EXAMPLE: Gary Tikalski is buying two Season Memberships. He and his friend prefer Friday, Oct 7th. In the field below, Gary types: "2 for Saturday, Oct 7th" and hits ENTER.
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Next is our original holiday show, A Chris Smith Carol, which has performances on these dates:

Friday, Dec 1st @ 7:30pm - SOLD OUT
Saturday, Dec 2nd @ 2:00pm
Saturday, Dec 2nd @ 5:30pm
Sunday, Dec 3rd @ 2:00pm
Friday, Dec 8th @ 7:30pm
Saturday, Dec 9th @ 2:00pm
Saturday, Dec 9th @ 5:30pm
Sunday, Dec 10th @ 2:00pm
Friday, Dec 15th @ 7:30pm
Saturday, Dec 16th @ 2:00pm
Saturday, Dec 16th @ 5:30pm
Sunday, Dec 17th @ 2:00pm
Thursday, Dec 21st @ 7:30pm
Friday, Dec 22nd @ 7:30pm
Friday, Dec 29th @ 7:30pm
Saturday, Dec 30th @ 2:00pm
Saturday, Dec 30th @ 5:30pm
Sunday, Dec 31st @ 2:00pm

Which dates would you prefer? *

EXAMPLE: Charlie Conlon is buying two Season Memberships. He and his friend prefer Sunday, Dec 10th. In the field below, Chris types: "2 for Saturday, Dec 10th" and hits ENTER.
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The third show is Middletown, which performs on the following dates:

Friday, Feb 23rd - SOLD OUT
Saturday, Feb 24th
Sunday, Feb 25th
Friday, March 2nd
Saturday, March 3rd
Sunday, March 4th
Friday, March 9th
Saturday, March 10th
Sunday, March 11th

Which dates would you prefer? *

EXAMPLE: Mary Tupy is buying two Season Memberships. She prefers Sunday, March 11th, but her friend prefers Friday, March 2nd. In the field below, Mary types: "1 for Friday, March 2nd and 1 for Sunday, March 11th" and hits ENTER.
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The final show is She Loves Me, which performs on the following dates:

Friday, May 4th @ 7:30pm - SOLD OUT
Saturday, May 5th @ 2:00pm
Saturday, May 5th @ 7:30pm
Sunday, May 6th @ 2:00pm
Friday, May 11th @ 7:30pm
Saturday, May 12th @ 2:00pm
Saturday, May 12th @ 7:30pm
Sunday, May 13th @ 2:00pm
Friday, May 18th @ 7:30pm
Saturday, May 19th @ 2:00pm
Saturday, May 19th @ 7:30pm
Sunday, May 20th @ 2:00pm

Which dates would you prefer? *

EXAMPLE: Mary Tupy is buying two Season Memberships. She prefers...oh, you get it by now.
The Friends of Friends series consists of the following:

Sometimes There's Wine
The creators of the hit Minnesota Fringe Festival comedy, 2 Sugars, Room for Cream, trade coffee for wine and they're gonna need a ride home.

Join renowned Twin Cities duo, Shanan Custer & Carolyn Pool as they celebrate wine, joy, regret...and sometimes questionable text messages.

Fri, Oct 27th @ 7:30pm - SOLD OUT
Sat, Oct 28th @ 5:30pm
Sat, Oct 28th @ 7:30pm - SOLD OUT

Underneath the Lintel
In this gripping ghost story an eccentric librarian discovers a weather-beaten book in a return bin -- 113 years overdue. Sparked by a message left in its margins, he embarks on a quest that takes him around the world and 2,000 years into the past. With astonishing twists and turns, UNDERNEATH THE LINTEL draws us into an unforgettable odyssey. 

Twin Cities theatre veteran, Pat O'Brien (Mr. Dewey from "Saved by the Bell") brings this great night of theatre to New Prague for one weekend only.

Fri, Jan 19th @ 7:30pm - SOLD OUT
Sat, Jan 20th, 2018 @ 7:30pm - SOLD OUT
Sun, Jan 21st @ 2:00pm

The Towering Women of Malkin
Former college roommates and current dear friends, Amanda White and Lauren Anderson (and maybe a few special guests!), team up for an unforgettable evening of stories about how women -- both then and now -- heal and shape the world through their own kind of magic.

Sun, March 25th @ 5:30pm & 7:30pm
Mon, March 26th, 2018 @ 7:30pm

Each Season Membership includes one performance date from this list. Which would you like? *

EXAMPLE: Gary Tikalski is buying two Season Memberships. He wants to see Sometimes There's Wine on Friday, Oct 27th. His friend wants to see Underneath the Lintel on Saturday, Jan 20th. In the field below, Gary types: "1 for Friday, Oct 27th and 1 for Saturday, Jan 20th" and hits ENTER.
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All Friends of Friends Series individual tickets are $20. All Main Season individual tickets are only $12 when purchased with this form. HOLY COW!
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